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LotFancy 7-Port USB Charger 8.5/10

Very recently I reviewed a multi-port USB charger that I was incredibly disappointed with (to say the least). It seemed to cost too much for what it did, its design was less than optimal as far as tangled wires are concerned, and the charge speed seemed somewhat slow.

I knew there were a lot of options for these types of products, so when given an opportunity to review a 7-port charger from LotFancy i was hopeful that I would find a model that met my expectations.

lotfancy charger 1 lotfancy charger 2

Luckily, this time I wasn’t let down.

First, being a thin vertical block, this charger made it a lot easier to organize wires and made everything seem less cluttered. I’m not going to lie and say the wires aren’t noticeable at all, but there’s more of a chance to do things like wrap the wires around the charger. Until I find one of these chargers that has a compartment to hide the wires entirely, I’m willing to accept that it might look somewhat tangled regardless.

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Volmate 8-port charger 6/10

I remember, pretty well actually, when all chargers were a single unit. It was the wall piece and the wire to plug into the device, and that was all.

That being said, I’m extremely thankful for the invention of USB chargers and their widespread use. A generic wall piece means a lot more convenience, and the ability to charge a lot more devices (even with different charging ports) more easily.

If one thing is clear, it’s that (as with most technologies) this new creation has developed an entire market of supplementary products. From USB car chargers, to multi-port chargers, to multi-port USB car chargers, it seems like everything had been done, improved, and combined.

Not only are new technologies being created, but for each type of technology there are tons of companies producing them, with countless designs.

The specific device I’m reviewing today is the Volmate 8-port charger. If there’s one thing I’ve come to realize about this device, it’s that it does everything it should, but there’s probably a better or more efficient way to do it.

volmate charger pic 1volmate charger 2 volmate charger 3

The first problem I had was the design. Again, it’s not that there’s anything wrong with the way it’s designed per say, but rather that it’s made in a way that causes the wires you plug in to become tangled. It’s comprised of 8 USB ports stacked above each other, unless you turn it on its side (which I’ve begun to do) in which case it’s a horizontal line of USB’s. It’s not the biggest problem, but it does tend to make your cords look like a tangled mess, and I’ve found other designs that seem to handle that issue pretty well.

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USB Fridge (4/10)

For me it all started the first time I bit into a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. The idea of two things coming together so perfectly got me thinking about what else could be put together to make something so amazing, and evidently I wasn’t the only one. I could go on and on with examples, but when I heard about chocolate covered bacon I realized nothing was off-limits anymore.

mini fridge

This takes the term mini-fridge to an entirely new level. When I heard of this new USB fridge I couldn’t imagine what it would look like when finally created, but I must say I’m pleasantly surprised. It looks cool enough on its own, but add it to your computer and it begins to seem like a whole new customization. This thing has guaranteed style points for sure.


So with an idea so innovative, and a stunning new look to boot, I know you’re wondering why this one got a (4/10). I love convenience, and I must admit I’m a little lazy at times but this is just unnecessary. First of all, with the power it gets from your computer it’s barely strong enough to even be called a fridge. So while it may keep your beverage “cold” it only fits cans, and it’s hard for me to think of a situation where you have your computer with you, but there’s no fridge in sight.


It may be cool for office use, but even so it doesn’t have any practical uses and for that it gets a generous (4/10).

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