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HyperPS Bluetooth Speaker 8/10

I’ve reviewed a lot of bluetooth speakers at this point, and if I’ve realized anything it’s that there are plenty of variations in the price and quality available. Thankfully, these usually go hand in hand either with a high price and high quality, or low price and (expected) lower quality. There are certainly some situations where you pay a lot expecting a lot and end up let down, or buy cheap speakers that end up not working at all. I’m happy to say these speakers fall into neither quality.

Low price, and somewhat low quality. If that seems unacceptable I’m not sure what to tell you; at this point I basically live by ‘you get what you pay for.’ That being said, these ~$13 speakers sound about how you would expect ~$13 speakers to sound (maybe a little better).

innolife speaker 1 innolife speaker 2

If you’re buying these to provide sound for a somewhat small area, say if you’re going to the beach and don’t want to bother others, these speakers are great. And as far as I’m concerned, if they do that at their price it’s more than worth the cost.

With some pretty cool LED light features and a metal exterior that certainly doesn’t come off as cheap, it’s better than a lot of other speakers you’ll find at the price.

You can find them for sale on Amazon here.

These speakers were sent to me for free in return for an unbiased review.

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DBPower Bluetooth Transmitter 9/10

Sometimes I’ll stumble upon a product that I never even considered would exist (just because I had never thought about it), and realize how cool it is and that I’ve been missing out. My level of excitement from realizing I could hook my laptop to my TV via an HDMI cord and adapter has finally been matched by this Bluetooth receiver – sometimes it’s the little things in life.

 dbpower bluetooth transmitter 1dbpower bluetooth transmitter 2

Speaking of little things, that’s the first aspect that makes this product great, how compact it is. With dimensions of about 5×4 inches, it’s a tiny product that delivers big results.

To just quickly specify exactly what this product does, it has a few cool features and possible uses. The first thing it can do, is pair with up to 2 Bluetooth enabled audio devices. Whether a phone, speaker, or pair of headphones, this transmitter can pair them together.

The transmitter then has an AUX jack to combine with another audio device, possibly something older that doesn’t have Bluetooth capabilities. For example, I can now hook my phone up to two speakers in different rooms, and a main audio system in a third room to simultaneously play music throughout the house.

It’s a very cool product that enables you to expand your audio range and use multiple speakers at once. If it sounds like something you might be interested in, I would definitely recommend it.

You can find it on Amazon here.

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T9 Wireless FM Transmitter 9/10

For a few years now, I’ve driven a car with no direct cable for my phone’s audio, nowhere to plug my phone into the car’s system, no bluetooth capability, and not even a cassette player to use as an adapter. Couple this with my personal hatred for radio, and I’ve struggled to figure out a way to listen to my music (or podcasts) on long commutes – that is until now.

t9 charger 1 t9 charger 2

Once exhausting all of the options listed above, I began to think of other ways to play my phone’s audio in the car. My first thought was to just use the phone itself, it does have built-in speakers after all. After one drive it seemed like a less than optimal solution, and after one drive with the windows open I realized it wasn’t going to work at all. Then I looked into changing my car’s radio, or another part of my car, to be able to connect my phone. After looking up the process involved in doing so, as well as the price, I realized that too wasn’t going to work.

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DBPower Dual Speaker Review 8/10

With bluetooth speakers, as I’ve mentioned before, it seems as though the market is flooded with options. Usually it’s easy to differentiate between the good and the bad, but the more speakers I review, the more it seems as though there are tons of options and most (or at least a great deal) of them are really good.

dbpower2 dppower1

Again, it’s not like all of these speakers are groundbreaking with new features and sound quality that’s never been heard of before, yet they all seem pretty impressive to me. It’s almost as if the bar for this type of technology has been raised to a level (that I think) is above average.

The design with these speakers is nothing too fancy, which is either good or bad depending on what you’re looking for. In my opinion these are very good speakers to put somewhere in your house because (like most bluetooth speakers) while they’re portable, they just don’t give off that vibe. It’s something I would expect to find more in somebody’s living room than anywhere else

As far as sound quality, there’s really nothing to complain about, and in terms of features (bluetooth, radio, etc.) it has everything you would want. I really don’t have anything bad to say about these speakers, except for the fact that the to not be the most durable. In my opinion there’s just something about these speakers that seems like they would be easily broken if they underwent any significant wear and tear. As long as you know you’re not buying something that’s meant to be waterproof, shatterproof, and supposed to be taken everywhere, it’s a great product.

You can find the speaker for sale here.

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Polaris V8 Speaker 7/10

Being a follow up to a previous review I did, of the Polaris Palm Beats compact speaker, I think if there’s one thing I’ve noticed, it’s that Polaris makes great speakers.

polaris v8 1 polaris v8 2

I wasn’t sure how to feel about the design of these speakers, and that’s one of the big things that’s going to take away from my final rating. My first instinct was that it was a pretty cool look and a pattern on top that I really liked (you’ll see it in pictures). As I used it and looked at it more, however, I began to dislike the design more and more. While the top has a cool pattern, it makes the buttons hard to see which is a pain (especially when using it outside in the sun). It’s also almost as if the speaker is trying to be slim and compact, which is hard with how long, tall, wide, and heavy it is. So that really took away from my final opinion.

The sound quality on the device is great, however I did have a bit of trouble when trying to play music from my laptop. I will most likely never use a bluetooth speaker with my laptop, simply because there’s really no need to when everybody has a phone, but it should be addressed anyway. I played the speaker at low, mid, and high volumes from iPhone devices, Android devices, and Windows devices, each with great sound. When connecting to a Macbook Air, however, the sound was fuzzy even at low.

Before I get into the specifics, I want to make a quick point to mention the removable battery. Most of the time with bluetooth speakers it runs for a certain time, and once it dies you need to charge it before using it again (which can easily become a pain). With the V8, however, there’s a battery backup, so as long as you bring a backup battery you’ll probably never run into the problem of needing to plug it in to make it last a full day (as the speaker expected my expectations with an ~12 hour run time with the battery). If you need a speaker that lasts more than 12 hours I suggest buying an external battery, finding one that’s designed specifically to last that long, or to refrain from listening to music from such extended periods of time (though I can’t blame you).

Even though this review was riddled with mixed feelings regarding how great the added features and run time were, too my not being impressed by the design or how the speaker connects to some devices, my final takeaway is that I would still recommend it. Like I’ve said, Polaris makes great speakers, and honestly I think one of the reasons this speaker lost a lot of points is because it’s hard to follow up my last Polaris speaker review (of the Palm Beats Speaker). So if you’re looking for a mid-sized, mid-priced speaker, this is definitely a good choice.

You can find one for sale on Amazon here.

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Polaris Palm Beats Speaker 8.5/10

When doing a Google search for bluetooth speakers, the first thing you’ll probably notice is the sheer amount of options there are. From big to small, cheap to expensive, or fancy to basic, it’s difficult to know what to look for. As far as these various niches are concerned, however, the Polaris Palm Beats Speaker is definitely top of the market for what it does (a compact, mid-range priced speaker).

Polaris Palm beats 1polaris palm beats speaker 2

The first thing I noticed with this speaker, which should be pretty obvious, is how compact it is. The picture above on the right is a good example of how portable and convenient the speaker actually is, as it easily fits in the palm of my hand. Aside from the small size and (pretty light) weight, the speaker just has a very cool design, and seems more like something a spy would use than an MP3 device.

A lot of times with speakers of this size and weight (about half a pound) there is either a noticeable limit on how loud the volume gets, or a clear distortion of sound when turning the music up past a certain level. Something great with this speaker is that it seems like it gets about as loud as mid-sized speakers, and the music quality doesn’t go down with a volume increase.

As I mentioned earlier, many speakers have differences in terms of the features they have from the most fancy to very basic. This speaker, especially for the price, has just about every feature you would expect and then some. Not only is it splash proof, shock proof, and dust proof, it has an AUX jack for connecting a device instead of using bluetooth, an SD card slot (capable of holding up to 32 GB), and up to 6 hours of play time.

If I had to give a simple explanation of why I would recommend this speaker (and I definitely would) it’s because it does more than you would expect, for a great price, and outstanding durability. It’s a quality item that will most likely last you a long time, and does exactly what it’s built for plus more.

You can find one for sale on Amazon here.

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iHome Rechargeable Mini Speaker (8/10)

The way we listen to music has completely evolved. That is a blatant understatement, because I don’t know about you but from speakers to headphones (only mentioning sound) it seems like there are as many options as there are songs. I know that to me portability is more important than volume and bass, but regardless of the size I just want something that works in a world of a million options.

mini speaker

I think in terms of looks this one definitely speaks for itself. With the pop-up design it’s extremely convenient on the go, and when in use it gives off a nice “vibe” so to speak. It adds a nice look to most settings, but definitely doesn’t overdo it with color or any other features.


In terms of functionality, I have absolutely no complaints. For its size it has tremendous sound, and quality to boot. The only problem, which I don’t consider a problem because it’s to be expected, is at its loudest volume some factors of the music become out of proportion.


All in all this one gets an (8/10) and is goes up there as one of my personal favorites.

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