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LotFancy Backup Car Monitor 9/10

I drive a car without most of the add-ons that seem to have become standard in the auto industry. That’s not a complaint, but rather an observation, because the way I look at it, this just gives me a chance to add what I want to my car the way I want to.

And over time I’ve done just that. From complex tasks like adding an auxiliary input for my iPod, to things as simple as a suction GPS mount, I’ve been able to change my car in a way I like. That being said, when given an opportunity to test out a color monitor for my backup camera, I was very excited.

lotfancy car monitor lotfancy car monitor 1

Just as a warning, before doing anything to a car you should do your research. Look up everything that needs to be done, how it needs to be done, and what you need to do it. Even then, you might be better off having somebody help you out.

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Polaroid Zip Review 10/10

Sometimes there are products that make you say ‘wow,’ and sometimes there are products that make you drop your jaw. Then there’s the extremely rare occasion in which you see a product, and can’t help but smile for a few minutes. Something that amazes you, something you want to share it, something that reminds you how great technology can be. The Polaroid Zip is one of those products that makes you smile.

polaroid zip 1 polaroid zip 2 polaroid zip 3 polaroid zip 4

I’m going to be honest; I was one of those people who found the term Polaroid synonymous with ‘dinosaur.’ I realize how bold of a statement this is, but I think if Polaroid keeps coming out with technologies like this, they could make a serious comeback.

From Facebook, to Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat, these days everything seems to revolve around photography. The general consensus these days seems to be that we’ve moved away from the days of print photos, and evolved into purely digital images. The problem I have with this, is the term ‘evolve’ used in this case. I disagree with the notion that having all of your pictures stored online is considered better than when we used to have physical copies.

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Rixow Selfie Stick Review 8/10

There are countless ways I would like to start this review, and just about each one is more of a commentary on society than anything else. That being said, for a product that is essentially a parody of itself (from many people’s points of view) I was extremely impressed with this product.

selfie stick 1 selfie stick 2

First of all, the functionality is simply fantastic. Like a professional camera monopod, there are ways in which you can maneuver the part that holds your phone, extend it various lengths, and even attach it to other stands. The thing I liked the most is that the more I used this product, the more I found it to have countless uses aside from ‘selfies.’ It’s more of a photography tool than something just used for selfies.

The product actually works through bluetooth where you push a button on a remote (which resembles something like a garage door opener) and it takes a picture from your phone. This also has functionality aside from selfies, as it can be used on its own as a remote shutter. It pairs easily, and can be used extremely easily which added to my positive opinion.

All in all, I think the biggest takeaway is that the name of this product is misleading. While it’s marketed as a selfie stick, it does much, much more. Although if you are just looking to take selfies, it does that exceedingly well also.

You can find this selfie stick for sale here.

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