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InnoLife Running Belt 8.5/10

As somebody who has been running for about 3 years now, and somebody who can’t run without music, I can fully sympathize with the struggle of figuring out how to carry your phone and arrange your headphones for when you do run.

At first I tried keeping my phone in my pocket, but with loose enough pockets my phone would tend to fly out. Even with smaller pockets, the constant shifting of the phone would make it nearly impossible to track my runs with Nike+ because it threw the whole system off.

I tried using an armband, and while it works for some, it just wasn’t right for me. It didn’t fit right, it was uncomfortable, I just didn’t like it. So I started running with my phone in my hand, and while it threw off my form, and got my phone wet when I got excessively sweaty, at least it worked.

Holding my phone in my hand while running was good enough, but not preferable, so I was very open to any other possibilities. Thankfully, I’ve finally discovered an alternative – the running belt.

innolife dual pocket running belt 1 innolife dual pocket running belt 2 innolife single pocket running belt 1

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Nike+ Review (3/10)

Running. For some it’s a hobby, for some it’s a sport, for some it’s exercise, and for most it’s just a pain in the ass! However, if you are one of the select few like myself who engage in this torturous activity on a consistant basis you might want to consider Nike+.


The interface of the application itself (after its brand new update) is pretty cool, and the same goes for a great deal of Nike shoes in general. Being able to make a running shoe look good isn’t an easy task, but I think Nike has dug their feet in and begun to try.


Once you get past the looks and the flash you hit a very ugly core. The shoes don’t have much utility and are mediocre at best, with their lightest shoe offering no support and their more conventional shoe being awful support for your back and legs. Even ignoring all of that the app is disappointing, unnecessary, and over all a plain annoyance.


It’s nice to get your speed, time, accuracy, and distance, but with it being wrong more often than right I would recommend a pedometer and doing the rest of the math yourself.

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