About Me

There’s no point in trying to hide the fact that I’m just one out of thousands of review blogs, each from different perspectives, regarding different products and markets.

What sets me apart, however, is a clever writing style that draws in readers, and a dedication to provide honest reviews based on facts about the company as well as my opinion regarding the product, without outside influence.

In order to remain unbiased, I refuse to accept money in return for reviews, and conduct the review based solely on what the company sends me. It is known that asking me to do a review does not ensure that the review will be positive, in fact I outright tell each company that I will rate the product whatever I think the product deserved to be rated, which isn’t always good.

Even though it isn’t guaranteed that a review will yield positive publicity, companies are often more than willing to take the risk, because even my worst reviews still result in some sort of publicity, and always seem to generate more interest towards the specific brand or product.

My reviews usually consist of backstory (if there is any), followed description of the physical product, and my experience in using it, as well as other information that might be relevant depending on the story. I always give pros in cons rather than just a simple “this product is good” or “this product is bad,” so that consumers have actual information to base a decision on, rather than just another 1-5 star rating.

On a side note, I would like to thank my loyal followers, consistent readers, and even all of those who come to see reviews sporadically or only visit once, for their continued support, even when I’ve had to take extended breaks for various reasons.

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