LotFancy Bluetooth Headphones Review 8/10

I love going for long runs, but I’m unable to do so without something to listen to. Whether it’s music or a podcast (which I’ve gotten more into lately) it makes the run go by a whole lot quicker.

It seems like an easy enough solution, listening to music through headphones, but unfortunately it hasn’t always seemed that easy.

My first issue was that I couldn’t find headphones that would stay in my ear (think original iPod headphones) but that all changed when I discovered the rubber earpieces that allowed them to stay in a lot easier.

With headphones that stayed securely in my ears, I ran into my next problem of restrictive cords that were too short and easily yanked the earbuds out of my ears. That issue was soon addressed, but left me with my newest problem – water damage.

I sweat a lot, and I noticed that headphones would stop working after a few weeks and could never figure out why until I pieced it all together. Fortunately I was able to find waterproof headphones, unfortunately the only pair I found reliable has a short cord.

While the headphones I’m reviewing today solved the first two issues I mentioned, the one thing holding them back is not being waterproof. But since they’re not sold specifically as workout headphones, I’m not going to let that effect my review.

I’m now realizing I haven’t even mentioned the product itself yet. So with all of that, today I’ll be reviewing the LotFancy Bluetooth headphones.

lotfancy bluetooth headphones pic 1lotfancy bluetooth headphones pic 2

It seems like there has been a growing trend in Bluetooth headphones (and I’ve spoken in the past about the growing number of Bluetooth enabled devices in general), and it’s not hard to understand why. You never realize how restrictive the headphone cord is until you no longer have to deal with it. It’s one of those things where if it’s not broken don’t fix it, but I’m glad they improved it anyway.

There’s nothing really bad about these headphones, except when it comes to sound quality.

The headphones are easy to use, they have music controls attached to them, they’re comfortable, and they stay in your ears. They even have good battery life, maybe not 6-hour car ride good, but probably close to that.

When it comes to sound quality though, these aren’t amazing. The reason I’m still giving it a good review is because when taking into account the price and technology, it really isn’t that bad either.

For less than $20 it’s hard to really complain about the sound with these, because that price for these types of headphones is great.

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced pair of Bluetooth headphones, and you’re okay with sacrificing a bit of sound quality, I recommend these.

You can find them for sale on Amazon here.

These were sent to me for free in return for an unbiased review.

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