DownIT Skull Shot Glass 8/10

I’ve met people who collect snow globes, people who collect coins, movie posters, action figures, comic books, and just about anything else you can imagine. I was always able to understand the idea behind collecting something, but personally had never had a collection of my own – at least not until a recent realization.

Where other people collect a bunch of different items within one category, I went from assuming I didn’t collect anything, to realizing I just collect things I find cool. This meant that rather than looking for a souvenir t-shirt everywhere I went, I would wait until I found something I liked, and buy that instead.

While I might not have physical things to keep as memories of places I’ve visited, or something that people can get me as an easy gift idea, I’ve still managed to accumulated a type of collection of my own. That being said, when I stumbled upon this skull shot glass I was eager to get my hands on it. Even if I don’t use the item, I’m more than able to see the novelty in it.

skull shot glass pic 1 skull shot glass pic 2

The only thing stopping me from giving this product a perfect review is probably that my expectations were too high. My assumption was that the shot glass was going to create a pronounced skull shape that you would notice from a distance.

Upon receiving the shot glass I realized the shape wasn’t as defined as I had hoped it would be, but I soon realized that was to be expected. When using liquid as the medium to fill a shape, it was unrealistic to expect what I did.

That being said, it’s still a very cool shot glass. Even if it wasn’t exactly what I expected, it’s not hard to tell what it is when you see it in person. I definitely don’t regret buying it, and I’m more than happy to add it to my ‘cool collection.’

You can find it for sale on Amazon here.  

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