Tengri Heated Shiatsu Massage Pillow – 7.5/10

It seems like every time I’m able to remedy a pulled muscle, or strain of any sort, a new one comes along to replace it. I’ve been on this sort of ‘injury treadmill’ for a while, always looking for just one solid, actual solution.

Stretching helps a lot, and aspirin certainly eases pain (though I like to avoid it when possible), but aside from those two things, my attempts at relief have been mostly limited. Then I discovered muscle rollers, and other massage devices and finally started to see positive results.

My results with regular hand-operated massage tools have been helpful, but limited in effectiveness. Due to the fact that I can only apply so much pressure myself, and it becomes tedious after a little while, it just wasn’t practical.

Then I found electric devices, and thought (once again) it was the perfect solution, but soon realized most devices still didn’t apply enough pressure to relieve soreness.

Then I tried the Tengri heated neck and back shiatsu massage pillow and finally (for real this time) began to see results. The reason this pillow works, is the same reason I was put off at first – it hurts. It’s not unbearable pain, but it can cause some discomfort, which led me to believe I was misusing it.

heated massage pillow pic 1 heated massage pillow pic 2

After a little while I began to realize that the pain wasn’t causing more pain, it was alleviating it. It’s the only device I’ve used to far to actually create enough pressure to make a difference in muscle soreness for the long term.

The massage balls within the pillow help stretch out muscles through circular movement (that reverses direction every so often) and also creates heat to further relax, and continue stretching the area it’s being used on.

The device has an automatic 15 minute shutoff which I was somewhat confused by at first, but it now makes sense. A couple of 15 minute uses a day can be good for you, but more than that and you’re probably just causing unnecessary discomfort. Though the shutoof could also be due in part to the large amount of electricity it seems to require, based on the laundry list of warnings that come with it.

There are also features such as velcro that allow you to attach it to other things, and a car charger so that it can be used on the go.

If you have mild pain, you’re probably fine stretching the muscle out or getting a muscle roller. If you have chronic pain, soreness, or something more intense (in which case you should see a doctor too), this might be the right product for you.

You can find it for sale on Amazon here.

This product was provided for free in return for an unbiased review.

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