Sweet Leaf Tea Infuser 7/10

I’ve been an avid coffee drinker for most of my life, drinking a few cups everyday, and looking forward to trying out new brands whenever given a chance. I never really liked tea much, but I recently decided to try drinking more of it because of the health benefits. After a couple of weeks I was hooked, and ready to try every type and flavor of tea available.

In the same way that you need some supplementary equipment to be able to truly enjoy more expensive coffee, like a grinder for the coffee beans, a press for making the coffee, or a Keurig for single cups, tea requires some equipment too. I soon found myself investing in a teapot, storage tins, and a standalone tea heater. The one thing I still needed was an infuser for loose leaf tea.

sweet leaf tea infuser pic 1 sweet leaf tea infuser pic 2

Tea infusers are the sort of thing that companies can get really creative with. I was amazed with some of the ice trays that now exist, from ones that make shot glasses, to the ‘gin and titonic,’ and tea infusers seemed to have followed suit. While not excessively clever, the sweet leaf tea infuser does what it’s supposed to, which is certainly good enough for me.

With a thin stem and a leaf towards the top, and a removable steel holding tin for the tea leaves at the bottom, it’s pretty easy to use. It also comes with a drip tray to help minimize any mess you would make when taking the infuser out of the water.

The box of infusers has 4 different colors and there’s really not much else to it.

I wanted to give this product a perfect review, but there was one big problem I had with it. Whenever I used tea that was somewhat finely grained, it would slip through the holes in the infuser and out into the water. Seeing as how the product description comes with a warning about this, it’s hard to complain, but it just seemed like tea that wasn’t even that finely grained would slip out into the water as well.

If you’re using large tea leaves you should be fine, but if you plan on using tea that’s somewhat finely grained, there’s my warning. You can find it for sale on Amazon here.

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