DBPOWER Headset & Telephone 6/10

Being at a job where you’re required to be on the phone for a large part of the day, I’m very thankful for the invention of the headset. Cellphones are taking over, and that’s hard to deny. Actually, that’s probably an understatement, because cellphones have already taken over, but dial pads with headsets are still necessary for some situations (at least for now).

I’m sure there will be a point, probably in the near future, where headsets connected to desk telephones become entirely obsolete, but for now it’s good to have a buying option for when you need it.

headset 1 headset 2

Surprisingly the market for these phones, while small, is still extremely competitive for the companies that still sell the technology. That being said, based on the features and quality you’re looking for, these pretty much all offer the same things for very similar prices ($20 for the cheapest most basic, $80 more for the really fancy ones, and an average of $30-$50 for the rest).

Falling into the average price range, being $40, I was expecting the DBPOWER headset and phone to be average, with average features and average quality. The features, while basic enough, met my expectations with the volume adjust, incoming and outgoing call controls, basic backlight to make the numbers easier to see, etc.

Where this headset fell short was the quality of sound, and the static in the background. Honestly, it was more of the static in the background than the call quality, because the call quality was fine. Unfortunately, the constant background static can get to you very quickly, I can’t imagine what it would do when in use for an 8-hour day.

I haven’t tried many (or any) of these specific types of devices purchased from Amazon so I’m not sure if the static is a problem with all of them, but based on reviews for those other phones it seems like it’s not the case. Because of the numerous other options with similar prices, I would recommend finding something else. You can find this one for sale on Amazon here.

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