HALO Headphones 4/10

I’ve tried BedPhones and I’ve tried SleepPhones, and each time I was disappointed by the quality and ease of use. In hindsight, SleepPhones were probably the best in terms of comfort and quality, but that’s besides the point. Still looking for an alternative to in-ear headphones, more along the lines of something I could use while sleeping, I was offered a free pair of HALO headphones to review.

HALO headphones pic 1 HALO headphones pic 2

Similar to SleepPhones, HALO headphones are contained within a headband that you wear, and two round speaker pieces that you can move around to sit over your ears.

Unfortunately, these headphones came of as being extremely similar to SleepPhones, but nowhere near as good.

The ear pieces are bulky and uncomfortable, the audio quality is less than spectacular (the sound cuts out whenever slight pressure is applied to the jack that plugs into your phone), and the headband itself can be annoying to wear.

While they’re a lot cheaper than SleepPhones (~$40 compared to ~$80) the price drop does not warrant the drop in quality. I wouldn’t recommend them,

You can find them on Amazon here.

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