Bondic – 6.5/10

I’m not by any means an electrical engineer, and I’m certainly not a welder, so my review isn’t coming from somebody with years of expertise. I do, however, try to be knowledgable about as many things as possible, so I have tried my hand at both of those tasks (limited as those tries might have been).

That being said, I knew enough to be extremely intrigued when I came across Bondic and learned what it promised to do. I was skeptical about such an idea, but I tried to stay open minded.

bondic photo 1bondic photo 2

The product, which is a ‘plastic welder,’ works by releasing the liquid onto the material you’re trying to weld, and then hardening when you use the UV light to create the reaction.

Along with the actual welding tools, Bondic also sent me examples of things that had been fixed, and I was impressed to say the least. With the package was a pair of glasses which I struggled to find where it had been fixed, two pieces of metal tubing that had been reconnected that could not be pulled apart (I tried extensively), a USB charger that had been fixed, and a few other things (some pictured above).

While I see the utility, and I’m sure some people can use the product very well, I personally could not get it to function in the way I wanted to. I struggled to cover the pieces I wanted to weld and had trouble while trying to harden the plastic. I’m personally giving bondic this rating because of my personal experience, but I’m more than willing to admit where my expertise is limited.

Before forming an opinion, do what I did and watch some YouTube videos and really get a feel of how to use it. Then read some other reviews to get a better idea. You can find it for sale on Amazon here.

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