lederTEK Multi-Color Blossom Lights 8/10

This will be my second of 3 product reviews for lederTEK LED decorative lights, at least for the time being, so it’s probably not necessary to have the same extended lead-in this time.

Again, with my love for the idea of solar-powered products and fascination with LED products, these decorative flower lights were right in my wheelhouse.

A lot of times on Amazon you’ll see a picture of a product, then get the product and be confused because it was made to look a lot better than it actually is. It’s similar to when you see a cool project on Pinterest, then go to try it yourself only to end up with what can only be described as a scary mutation of what you were actually going for. In this case, I think the opposite is true. I saw the picture and was expecting one thing, but ended up with something that I thought was completely different (for the better).

ledertek flower lights 1 ledertek flower lights 2

In my opinion the pictures of these lights make them seem somewhat cheap, as if they were made out of flimsy plastic. In reality they’re far more substantial and just look very cool.

I used the lights to decorate a closed outdoor umbrella (more for the sake of pictures for the review than permanent decoration) and the alternating colors of the flowers make it really look like a Christmas tree.

Like the other LED lights made by lederTEK, they come pre-charged so you set them up out of the box, they work that night, then charge themselves throughout the following day, then turn on again at night, and follows that charging schedule.

I think these lights are very cool and I really don’t have any complaints which is the reason for the 5-star review, but from reading other reviews I think I should include a warning. I don’t have any lights near these, but apparently if you have other decorative lights nearby, the sensor is sensitive enough to trigger the auto shut-off (for when it’s daytime). So while I didn’t experience the problem personally, since they’re the only lights in the area, if you plan on setting them up in a place with other lights you might run into this problem.

That being said, they were great for me and personally I would recommend them. You can find them on Amazon here.

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