Nakd Bars 7.5/10

I never cease to be amazed by all of the new trends in the health food industry, as it seems like every week there’s the next new big thing. That’s not to say they aren’t beneficial, it just seems as though the whole industry is constantly changing and it’s hard to stay on top of it all. With that being said, today I’m doing a review of Nakd bars, which are probably the most natural things I’ve ever eaten besides plain fruit, raw nuts, etc.

I’m really not exaggerating when I say I was shocked by the ingredients in each of these bars. Some brands have started campaigns with more natural formulas, and they boast that they only use ingredients you can pronounce, but this honestly takes it to a new level. With usually 3-7 ingredients per flavor, not only can you pronounce everything, you can be confident knowing it’s all natural because it’s usually along the lines of ‘cashews, dates, cocoa, and a hint apple juice and that’s it!’ That’s not an actual example, but it’s not far off, because it’s usually ingredients like that, each with a percentage next to it (letting you know how much of the bar comes from that ingredient) and that’s all it is.

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It’s vegan, gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, and really something you can just feel good about eating. I’m going to do a quick breakdown of each flavor before my closing comments.

At first I was somewhat skeptical, because my first thought was to try the chocolate flavors, and I now know they’re probably my least favorite.

I appreciate what they’re trying to do, but the cocoa orange, cocoa mint, cocoa delight, caffe mocha, and cocoa crunch all seemed a little ‘harsh’ to me. It might be that I’m too used to refined and processed chocolate, but to me the chocolate flavors left something to be desired so I wouldn’t recommend them.

I was about ready to dismiss the product without even trying the other flavors, but in hindsight I’m glad I didn’t. All of the berry based bars, berry delight, strawberry crunch, apple crunch, and banana crunch, were great. I think with something like this it’s best to use naturally sweet ingredients when you’re trying to stay all natural, because those are easy to keep sweet whereas chocolate (like mentioned above) can get a little harsh or bitter.

Finally there were the miscellaneous flavors, the first of which being Rhubarb and Custard, which I didn’t love. The taste was pretty unfamiliar to me and that could have definitely contributed to my dislike, but it just wasn’t for me. Then I moved on to pecan pie, cashew cookie, and ginger bread, when I realized this might be the product for me. All three of those flavors were delicious (my favorite being a tie between ginger bread and cashew cookie). I know everybody has different tastes, but if you want to try one of these out I recommend starting with one of those.

If you want something delicious, go grab yourself a milky way bar. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you these are the best tasting things you’ll ever eat, because from a taste standpoint I’d probably take a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup over one of these any day. But for what it is, natural ingredients, completely vegan, and gluten, dairy and wheat free, they’re pretty damn good.

They’re great for pre-workout snacks, post-workout snacks (depending on what type of exercises you’re doing) and just as a snack in general. Again, it fills a very specific niche, and what I’m saying probably will only apply to you if you’re looking for something in that niche. If you’re not vegan, don’t have an allergy to gluten or wheat, and are okay with eating some preservatives or things you can’t pronounce there are plenty of alternatives, if not these are great. While I can’t say I enjoyed all of the flavors, with the amount of options they’re introducing I’m sure you’ll be able to find one you like.

Just as a warning, be aware of how much sugar is in these things. While it wasn’t a problem for me, averaging about 15g per bar (obviously different depending on which one) if you’re trying to limit your sugar it can certainly be a problem.

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    Love the review

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