Water Ballon Launcher (100 and 400 yards) 9/10

If you’re like me, you need to win when it comes to just about everything. I’ve never learned the true meaning of a ‘friendly’ pickup game, and I’ll start letting my little cousin win at board games when he’s earned it.

If you’re really like me, unfortunately it’s not enough just to win, you need to destroy everybody else. You’re probably also familiar with the art of flipping boards, and shutting off video-game consoles mid-game.

If this sounds about right so far, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that you’ve probably stopped being invited to hang out with friends, but the good news is that in the event of a spur of the moment water balloon fight there’s something to help you decimate your competition in yet another way.

These water balloon launchers are the equivalent of bringing a knife to a gun fight, only in this case you’re bringing the giant slingshot and all everybody else has is their arms.

100 yard launcher pic 2 400 yard launcher pic 2

Because I’ll be reviewing both the 100-yard and 400-yard launcher, I’m going to break the rest of the review down into two parts (there are also 200 and 300 yard ones, but I didn’t receive those for review).

100-yard launcher

This is the product for those of you who are ready to turn your water balloon fights into water balloon wars. Starting off with the good things about this product, it’s a GIANT WATER BALLOON SLINGSHOT. I mean seriously, what else is there to say? It’s perfect for novelty, or actual use (if it’s a big enough water fight).

100 yard launcher pic 1

I’m not going to lie, it’s a great product, but it’s uses are somewhat limited. If you’re having an actual water balloon fight with 12 or less people, it’s not practical. It’s somewhat difficult to set up and aim, and while is packs some power it’s not impossible to dodge when you see it coming.

It’s not the easiest to operate either. It seems self-explanatory but it really pays off to read the directions on the box, because while they’re simple, a lot of people skip over them and it will save you a lot of trouble. There’s definitely a technique behind successfully operating the thing, but once you’ve figured it out it becomes much easier.

So if I could quickly sum this product up, it would be this: it’s super cool but not super practical for a water balloon fight. If your goal is to launch water balloons and other (safe) items up to the length of a football field, this is a great product. To be quite honest, for the price, if you think it’s something you’ll use even somewhat often, I would definitely say buy it.

400-yard launcher

This product is for those of you who want to turn your water balloon fights into bloodbaths. Seriously though, this product is not suitable for water-balloon fights. There’s a warning on the container, but I’ll reiterate; don’t use this to shoot anything (including water balloons) at humans, animals, or any property that you think can be damaged (or property that doesn’t belong to you).

400 yard launcher pic 1

400 yards, or 4 football field lengths, or three and a third fútbol field lengths is a very long distance. I’m not sure how else to express this besides telling you to picture it, it’s no joke. If you think you can hit somebody with a water balloon from this distance (which again, don’t try it!) you’re wrong. Unless you’re on the set of ‘Myth Busters’ there’s no reason you should be trying to prove or disprove that statement.

This slingshot device is meant to launch things long distances in a wide open area. Maybe you own a 20+ acre piece of property and want to play a really good game of fetch with your dog. Maybe you want to try some sort of improvised skeet shooting where you launch a water balloon and try to pop it with a paintball gun. I’m not sure what your exact reason for wanting one of these things would be, but if you do need something to serve the purpose of launching an item that far, this will do it.

Again, you need extreme caution because just using the slingshot requires using a heavy duty rubber mechanism that can hurt you if misused. Let me rephrase that, it will hurt you if misused, so don’t be stupid with it. It’s a great product if (like the shorter range ones) you get the hang of operating it. Something that launches forward with this much force is certainly not easy to learn to use. I had enough trouble with the 100-yard launcher, but again it’s a matter of learning to use it.

Both of these products are very cool, and each serves its own set of purposes. As long as you know what those purposes are, and why you’re buying it, I would certainly recommend it. It’s very cool, and a well make product.

Disclaimer: These most likely won’t shoot 100 or 400 yards. They’ll get some distance but it’s a pretty big overstatement.

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