lederTEK White Crystal Ball Solar Lights 8/10

I have a deep appreciation for solar power, and anything that runs off of solar energy. I understand the need to move towards alternative energy sources, and I think I’ve followed just about everything Elon Musk and Tesla have done. That being said, anytime I have a chance to review anything solar powered, I get excited.

What more perfect to use the sun to power, than something that sits outside in the sun all day. These lederTEK solar outdoor ‘White Crystal Ball String lights’ had me with the concept, and sold me on the actual functionality.

white ball lights 1white ball lights pic 2

The lights come pre-charged, so you can use them out of the box, and that’s how you set them up. You turn the lights on when there’s no sun to charge them, then when the sun comes out they turn off and charge.

As far as how the lights actually look – they’re beautiful. They really do look very cool and are perfect for decorating plants, or other small to medium sized outdoor objects. They have two settings, the first being that they’re on and shine normally, and the second being that they flash (all at once).

My only complaint, is about the part mentioned above. They’re great for small to medium sized objects, but for anything bigger they really don’t cover enough space. This would be fine, but if you buy multiple ones to decorate a larger area, the cost quickly adds up.

That being said, if you know you’re decorating something small, and don’t mind spending ~$15.00 to do it, these lights are really beautiful and I recommend them.

The included picture shows the lights in a straight-line formation just to give you an idea of dimensions, it’s not how I would actually use them to decorate.

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