Apalus Light Controlled Insect Trap 6/10

Summer: it’s a time for warm weather, relaxation, hanging by the pool and… mosquitoes. Winter brings cold weather and a need to bundle up, fall brings falling leaves and (what seems like) endless lawn cleaning, with spring and summer come bugs and insects, and the worst of them all, mosquitoes.

With a human death toll larger than any other animal (including humans themselves), not only do mosquitoes cause annoying bug bites, they spread the world’s deadliest diseases, most notably malaria. All of this being said, I have few qualms when it comes to killing mosquitoes.

I’ve tried bug spray, but I don’t like the idea of covering myself in chemicals. I’ve used those bright, buzzing, electric lights which work well, but unfortunately are difficult to keep very close to people, where mosquitoes tend to hang out.

Then there are the CO2 traps, that emit small amounts to carbon dioxide to attract mosquitoes and suck them in. To be honest, these work great and get rid of a lot of mosquitoes, but (call me finicky) I can’t rest until I have a near 0% rate of mosquito bites. This isn’t an easy task, especially living in a mosquito heavy area, but with this final element I think I’m just about there.

apalus bug light 1 apalus bug light 2

With my electric light and C02 trap, I have long range control, but there was nothing noninvasive enough to keep at close range without being dangerous, loud, bright, or containing chemicals – that’s was until now. The Apalus LED insect trap uses 360-400nm UV light to attract mosquitoes, and a quiet fan to suck them in.

With smart control to turn itself off during the day, and back on at dusk, as well as almost no maintenance with an easy to clean trap, I think I’ve finally found my quiet, odorless short-range mosquito defense solution.

I would definitely recommend this product, but I want to leave a disclaimer: know what you’re buying! This product is great for me because I already have m other bases covered and it’s sort of a final touch. If you want something that catches a moderate amount of mosquitoes because you don’t live in an area where they’re very prevalent this is perfect for you. If you need something more effective, I would go for one of the other products I mentioned above.

Why the low rating? This is a product that you’re buying and expecting to be a solution on its own (especially for the price). Unfortunately the only reason I think I found such success is because I already have so many other solutions in place.

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