DBPower Pet Hair Trimmer (8/10)

It seems like there’s now an even stronger movement for ‘do it yourself’ projects, and technology is only furthering the trend. Like the way you can now buy a hair clipper and have somebody cut your hair at home, the same is possible for your dog and cat (and maybe some other animal I’m missing, for some reason capybara comes to mind).

pet hair trimmer 3 pet hair trimmer 2 pet hair trimmer 1

The thing that I really like about these new technologies is that, because you’re doing it yourself, and because you’re likely not a professional, the products are designed to be more user friendly and easier to use – this per hair trimmer is no exception.

Something that I hadn’t thought of before receiving this product, but seems like a necessity now that I’ve used it, is the fact that it’s cordless, because it’s harder to tell a dog to sit still than a human (at least in my case). Being restricted to a wall outlet would have made this product very difficult to use.

There’s not much to say besides that this product works well, and for the price, I would say it would be one of my top choices for pet hair trimmers. You can find it on Amazon here.

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