Rxment Led Strip Lighting Review (7/10)

The more interest I developed in decorative lighting, and more specifically LED lighting, the more I noticed how many options there were in the market. Not only are there different choices depending on what you’re trying to decorate (i.e. outdoors, plants, etc.) and what occasion (daily, Christmas, etc.) there are different product types for each of these options. The differences range from color assortment, whether it’s standard LED or color changing, type of material, how the lights are arranges, and length of the material you’re using.

With the Rxment LED strip, while it’s not top quality, for the ~$25 price tag you get what you’re paying for, which is fine, because I wasn’t expecting top of the line for such a reasonable price.

Rxment lights Rxment lights remote

Fortunately, this is more than made up for with the product’s functionality. I’ve seen LED set-ups that remain a single color, I’ve seen products that can have the color changed manually, and I’ve seen ones that gradually change from one color to another. It seems as though the next advancement, something these lights display, are more options for creative color changing.

With the picture of the remote I posted you’ll see options for various colors which you can select and have the lights remain that one color. This by itself was nice, because rather than just blue, just red, just white, and so on, there’s a color range. This color range can be altered even further with its brightness and so on, which was a nice touch. Then there’s the real exciting part, which is the options for various effects.

Strobe, gradual glow, quick change, etc. this product has tons of options for how you’d like the colors to progress (or remain the same/strobe). This is cool on its own, but there’s an option to change it yourself and make your own adjustments which really makes the possibilities endless.

Now that I’ve discussed what I like about this product, there were a couple of negatives that stuck out to me. The first, and main issue I found, was difficulty setting up correctly. Because the strip is one-sided, you have to make sure it’s the whole strip is facing out correctly, or you’ll get areas along the strip that appear dark. This wouldn’t be a problem, but due to the nature of the light strip it can certainly be difficult to set them up in a way (especially decoratively) that ensures they’re all facing outward because it’s hard to maneuver the strip itself.

If you’re setting the lights up along a wall where you can tape the parts that don’t have lights down so that everything faces out you shouldn’t have a problem, but issues certainly can arise when you’re trying to accomplish more difficult creative projects.

The second thing I took issue with was heat output. LED’s are supposed to give off a lot less heat, and have better energy efficiency (as well as brightness), which is usually the biggest draw when it comes to alternative lighting. The fact that these seemed to get a lot hotter a lot quicker than most other LED’s was somewhat worrying to me.

In the end, I would say the pros outweigh the cons, and if you’re looking for a decorative setup that would be conducive to the possible setup issues, I would certainly recommend this product. You can find it on Amazon here.

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