Apalus Humidifier 9/10

Every once in a while you’ll come across a product and assume there’s not much room for improvement. Then there are occasions where you’re blatantly proven wrong; I’m glad to say this is one of those occasions.

apalus humidifier 2 apalus humidifier 1

In all honesty I was not expecting this humidifier to be anything special. Sure there might be some cool added features, but how mind-blowingly awesome could it actually be? Okay, maybe I’m hyping it up a bit too much, but it’s still very cool.

Just to list off the features quickly,

There’s a remote control to change any of the features from a distance.

There’s a spout designed to spout mist in as wide of a range as possible

There’s an ionizer, which is meant to make air fresher and more breathable

There’s a timer, a setting to make fog more intense or visible, a setting with an auto shut-off when the room hits a certain humidity, and a pretty cool night-light.

Without getting too caught up in the bells and whistles it’s also just a very durable machine. It’s well put together, has a nice design, and seems like it will last a while. I would definitely recommend it. You can find it available on Amazon here.

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