RockBirds Stage Party Light 8.5/10

I’m not sure if I have an underlying love for decorative lighting, or if this review and my past one (of the LED copper wire lights) just happen to both be great products. Seriously though, this party light is amazing to say the least.

party light 1 party light 2

A lot of times the first part of my review is about how a product looks (or in this case how the effect it makes looks), but with this product it’s hard for me to not start off with the price. Available on Amazon for $12 this product seems like a no brainer if you want something decorative for a party, or even for just relaxing and looking at.

If I had to make a tagline for this product it would be ‘Small but Powerful’ because that’s the best description I can come up with. It’s lightweight, portable, durable, and because it’s an LED it doesn’t get too hot even after extended use. The light effect covers a decent area, though not huge, but that’s unreasonable from a product of this size and price.

As far as the light effect itself, it can best be described as enthralling, as it’s incredibly easy to get lost in the colors, shapes, and rotations that the light produces.

The only place that the light lost points for me, was the feature of using the mini tripod to set the light up on its side. Because it’s a stage light, it’s technically designed to do just that; light a stage (though I use it on the ceiling and thoroughly enjoy it). That being said, the tripod is stiff, and it’s not easy to balance on its side, which can honestly quickly become a nuisance. Aside from that it’s a great product that I would definitely recommend.

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