Polaris Palm Beats Speaker 8.5/10

When doing a Google search for bluetooth speakers, the first thing you’ll probably notice is the sheer amount of options there are. From big to small, cheap to expensive, or fancy to basic, it’s difficult to know what to look for. As far as these various niches are concerned, however, the Polaris Palm Beats Speaker is definitely top of the market for what it does (a compact, mid-range priced speaker).

Polaris Palm beats 1polaris palm beats speaker 2

The first thing I noticed with this speaker, which should be pretty obvious, is how compact it is. The picture above on the right is a good example of how portable and convenient the speaker actually is, as it easily fits in the palm of my hand. Aside from the small size and (pretty light) weight, the speaker just has a very cool design, and seems more like something a spy would use than an MP3 device.

A lot of times with speakers of this size and weight (about half a pound) there is either a noticeable limit on how loud the volume gets, or a clear distortion of sound when turning the music up past a certain level. Something great with this speaker is that it seems like it gets about as loud as mid-sized speakers, and the music quality doesn’t go down with a volume increase.

As I mentioned earlier, many speakers have differences in terms of the features they have from the most fancy to very basic. This speaker, especially for the price, has just about every feature you would expect and then some. Not only is it splash proof, shock proof, and dust proof, it has an AUX jack for connecting a device instead of using bluetooth, an SD card slot (capable of holding up to 32 GB), and up to 6 hours of play time.

If I had to give a simple explanation of why I would recommend this speaker (and I definitely would) it’s because it does more than you would expect, for a great price, and outstanding durability. It’s a quality item that will most likely last you a long time, and does exactly what it’s built for plus more.

You can find one for sale on Amazon here.

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