Kicking Horse Coffee Review (7.5/10)

We make it at home, and we buy it at stores, we even count our years by it (along with inches, miles, laughter, and strife). So with such a common drink it’s no surprise that there would be so many different variations of it, each with its own different touch.

The packaging of this coffee is pretty normal, in a different way. And like usual that doesn’t make perfect sense, but it’s okay because they take the traditional can and turn it into something slimmer and better looking through simplicity.

When it comes down to the details, this one is beyond straight forward. This coffee is for coffee lovers, period. If you’re into the new Starbucks mochafrapapinachaiteaspresso “FrItalian” craze don’t bother here because there’s nothing confusing about this one, like I said it’s coffee. Without all the frills, one sip of this slaps you in the face, wakes you up, and reminds you what real coffee is actually about.

So if you’re still into real coffee, enter this contest for your chance to win a can of Kicking horse coffee, a gift bag, and a brochure.

Email me (at the usual email address ) with each flavor in their Trio of Coffee special.

Also check them out on twitter at

Find them on Facebook

And take a look at their Amazon store

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