SleepPhones Wireless (5/10)

I was recently gifted a pair of SleepPhones and, while initially very excited, I would my rate overall experience with them as average to below average. I love the idea behind the product, with a tagline of “pajamas for your ears,” the whole premise seems like a new era in comfort. In the end, however, I think there are many kinks that still need to be worked out.


The main problem with the SleepPhones, is that the earpieces within the headband need to be moved and altered to find the right position, which can be difficult to do at times. Aside from that, there is a somewhat bulky battery in the back that lasts a relatively short amount of time (~4 hours). There is also a common issue where the bluetooth will cut out for 5-15 seconds and the sound becomes a somewhat loud static.

That being said, when the SleepPhones are working how you want them to, they’re are a great product. While the execution is shaky, the idea is certainly there; being able to fall asleep to your music without keeping actual headphones in sounds great. It’s such a good idea, in fact, that there are now various competitors, including BedPhones, and HVLO Headphones.

So, while it works pretty well a large portion of the time, I would wait it out until they get past what I see as a beta testing stage before shelling out the $99.95 at their online store.

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