Power by 50 Cent 8/10

While I can’t personally take credit for coming up with this, I think the creators of this fragrance missed a great opportunity by not calling it ’50 Scent.’ All jokes aside, when it comes to this cologne, my main takeaway was that I was pleasantly surprised.

Power by 50 Cent

If there’s a notable trend with ‘celebrity’ cologne, aside from the fact that it seems like everybody with some sort of name recognition, regardless of fame, is trying to create one, it’s that they tend to be extremely hit or miss. While I understand the appeal behind branding oneself, it seems as though there’s a very fine line between creating a respectable fragrance, and simply trying too hard, or not trying hard enough.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that it seems that the more famous a person is, the more they have to gain (or potentially lose) based on the success of their fragrance. That being said, perhaps it’s the fact that this cologne got a fair share of media attention before being released that contributed to how well it was made. Then again, with cologne and perfumes everything is very hit or miss, so perhaps it’s more random than anything else.

Anyway, getting back to the product itself, the first thing that caught my attention (like usual) was the packaging. Following my usual train of thought, a thing I really liked about the container was that it was a good medium between to plain and too artsy. While the indents in the bottle (that almost resemble a bottle of nail polish, but that might just be my imagination) and the overall design are more on the creative side than the conservative plain bottle side, I think it’s perfect for what 50 Cent is trying to portray.

Getting into my opinion of this fragrance itself, I want to emphasize that my review might be influenced by the fact that it’s good for what it is, and it’s good in comparison to other products in its niche, rather than an amazing standalone product. As far as the type of scent, it seemed very clean, or fresh, and it’s not what I was expecting. To be honest, I was assuming it would be a more overwhelming, harder scent.

I think that the rest of what I have to say about this cologne would result in more rambling than anything else, so from here it would make the most sense to break it down into a summary for pros, and a summary for cons.


Like I mentioned earlier in the post, I was a big fan of the packaging with this cologne. I was also pleasantly surprised with the type of scent it was, more clean than musky, so as long as you know that’s what you’re buying, it shouldn’t be a problem. It’s also hard to argue with the price on this cologne, at a very reasonable ~$20.00 for a 3.4 oz. bottle. I would warn, however, that for that price, there are plenty of alternatives I would recommend before this.


With what’s always a risk with single product cologne (i.e. a celebrity that makes a single cologne) rather than a company that continually produces fragrances, it’s the strength of the smell, and how it that smell lasts. It seems like a lot of bigger companies have gotten really good (or at least comparatively better) at making cologne and perfumes that aren’t too weak or too strong when applied, and that hold that strength for a decent amount of time. With these types of fragrances, (50 Cent’s being no exception) they seem to be too weak, or too strong and wear off quickly. I would consider Power by 50 Cent to definitely the latter. I also want to give a fair warning that if you read this review and try the product and feel deceived, wait a few minutes and you’ll see that the smell grows on you.

All in all I think it makes a generally nice addition to the average person’s cologne collection; then again, I just generally like the idea of being able to say I have a cologne made by 50 Cent.

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