Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Bean 3/10

There are countless products out there that can simply be described as hate it or love it. Unfortunately, when it comes to cologne and perfume (in my opinion) I don’t think that’s a very good type of product to be using.

Grey Flannel Cologne

It’s very possible that a bad first impression influenced my overall experience with this product, but my negative opinion began with the packaging, and didn’t stop there. I understand the idea behind putting this cologne in a grey, wool flannel pouch, the name of the fragrance is Grey Flannel after all, but I thought it just wasn’t enough. A big part of cologne is the total experience, including the packaging, so I think the choice to go with something so plain was a mistake.

Now to follow up on how I started this review, I don’t think the fragrance market is the right place to be selling a product that produces such mixed feelings. While I understand that at least part of the reason some people wear cologne is for themselves, it’s definitely something that’s used to help influence how people to perceive you. While I realize this isn’t the case for everyone, I’m willing to bet it is the case for the vast majority of people. That being said, if you’re trying to start off with a good impression, I would recommend a fragrance that’s generally liked, rather than one that’s loved by some and hated by others.

I’m want to acknowledge that my opinion on this will likely be argued, because if you ask somebody who uses this cologne they’ll probably swear by it. I think that’s important, because therein lies the problem. Of course the people who habitually use it are going to love it, if they didn’t love it they wouldn’t continue to use it. A lot of people who have tried it and didn’t like it (like myself) are the minority of the opinion that you’ll see. It’s a cheaper fragrance, so rather than complain about it and tell others they didn’t like the smell, people tend to just accept it and move on, it was only ~$15.00 after all. The fact that there aren’t always bad reviews doesn’t mean they don’t exist, a lot of people just don’t take the time – I’m playing devil’s advocate.

I feel somewhat bad, because this post has been overwhelmingly negative, and I gave the product a pretty low rating, and that’s just because it’s my personal rating, I could have just as easily given it a 9/10 if my taste was different. I want to explain why I think of the product in the way I do, but first I want help you better understand the way I view cologne in general, so you understand what caused me to write this review in the way I did.

In the world of cologne, there are soft fragrances (usually with a hint of citrus or something fruity), then there are medium fragrances (which tend to be along the lines of a mix between soft and hard smells, like a combination lavender and oak), then there are purely hard fragrances (which are usually a more distinct oaky smell, or something very musky). That’s one of the things I really like about cologne; there are so many different types, each which falls under a different category, or in-between two of those categories, and you can always find different ones for different occasions. Unfortunately, sometimes men’s fragrances are too soft, and become more like perfume, or too hard and become what many have dubbed an “old man’s smell.”

I think that the reason a person might not like Grey Flannel is because it’s a little bit too hard of a hard fragrance. Many people are familiar with the sort of “old man’s smell” I’m describing, which overwhelms you, and makes you think of (at least what I imagine to be) the inside of a cigar club. That being said, it’s seems like it would be easy for somebody to find this scent too strong, and while the fragrance isn’t for me, there’s certainly a market for it.

If you’re not looking to generally impress majority people with how you smell, and you’re trying to convey masculinity, this cologne is definitely for you. In what is a rare event for my reviews, this low rating isn’t me saying you shouldn’t buy the product, it’s me telling you that you might love it, or you might hate it. That being said, if there was something I did appreciate about this cologne, it’s that it embraces what it is. While I didn’t like the packaging, it gives off a “no frills” vibe, and even though the smell is strong, that seems to be the point – half a spray is likely to last you longer than a couple of sprays of something weaker.

Scale of strength (out of 3): 3.5- there’s no question this cologne is meant to be a stronger, more musky, manlier smell. For me, a little too strong, hence the extra .5

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