Polo Eau De Toilette Green 6/10

In the interest of full disclosure I would like it to be known that I’ve been using Eau De Toilette cologne (one of Polo’s signature fragrances) for many years. My good memories with this cologne in the past is part of what is contributing to this negative review, due to more recent experiences.

Polo Eau De Toilette

First let me start off with the positive points, before I transition into why I have been less than pleased with this product lately. Various colognes have different purposes, and with Eau De Toilette, that purpose seems clear – masculinity. There are few ways to describe this aroma aside from distinctly manly, with an almost oaky underlying smell. That being said, one of the reasons the cologne has been my favorite is because it has a nice balance that allows for that masculine type of smell without seeming too “old manly” or immature like many other scents designed to seem more masculine do.

As much as I would like to say everything with this product is great, I simply cannot. I never had a problem in the various times I’ve purchased a bottle of Eau De Toilette, until a couple of bottles ago. Something just seemed different, like the formula had changed, or it had even been watered down. The smell was nowhere near as strong, and the distinct aroma almost became “blurry” or it had become something other than what it had always been.

At first I assumed maybe I had bought a bad bottle, but against my better judgement I purchased another one, only to find the same result. After some further research I found that I was far from the only person who had this experience, which cemented my opinion. There are few things that bother me more than when a company takes something that’s not broken, and tries to fix it. They had a great, classic, and popular fragrance, and it seems as though they’re beginning to lose popular opinion.

This cologne, as well as their others, can be found at their online store.

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