Nautica Blue Eau De Toilette 7/10

The most notable thing about this fragrance, for me at least, wasn’t even in regards to the smell of the cologne itself, but rather that I couldn’t decide what I thought about it (from a review standpoint).

Nautica Blue Eau De Toilette

I was actually considering, in what is an extremely rare decision for me, to give this product a (?) rating, or rather an unclear rating in which I couldn’t decide if it was a good product or not. In the end I realized a lot of my complaints weren’t even that negative, and that rather than even being average, the product actually deserved a relatively high rating of 7/10.

Following the pattern of being a hard product to make a decision about, it’s a hard product to even give a concise review of while still being coherent. That being said, I think the most appropriate course of action would be to separate the review into a classic pros and cons list.


  • Very reasonably priced. ~$10.00 for a 3.4 oz. bottle, and ~$56.00 for a 10.2 oz. bottle
  • Very ‘clean’ almost undefined smell (also a possible con, listed below).
  • Long lasting but not very strong, can be applied in the morning without needing to be re-applied at any point throughout the day, but will definitely just be a trace of the smell by later hours.
  • Nicely designed bottle, perfect for what the cologne is, it’s definitely understated, not too crazy, but not too plain.


  • No distinct smell. While it’s a nice fragrance, it’s not really distinctly anything (fruity, musky, outdoors, fresh, etc.).
  • Sometimes too weak. While it’s good to not have an overwhelming scent, this product seems almost underwhelming.
  • While it lasts all day, the smell does noticeably become less and less apparent, and needs to be re-applied if somebody is going for a stronger scent (in which case this probably isn’t the right product anyway).

Overall, I think Nautica Blue Eau De Toilette is fantastic for the niche it’s in. It’s cheap enough that it can be added to any cologne collection as a sort of no-brainer. It’s just something that’s good to have, and with its price that isn’t unreasonable I would certainly recommend it.

You can find this product, and other colognes made by Nautica at their online store.

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