Power Play Gum (5/10)

When it comes to energy gum I’ve done quite a few reviews in the past, and I will continue to do more (in the near and far) future. This one, not having any really unique selling point, won’t warrant much of an attention grabber first paragraph.

energy supplement

With a mostly uninteresting introduction comes an unfortunately mostly uninteresting product. The packaging, to me, seems eh and that’s all. The first thing that came to mind was “okay, yeah, it’s gum I guess.” The pouch doesn’t stand out much, to say the least.

Then when you get down to the product it seems too hard to be energy gum (or any gum for that matter) and doesn’t do anything to make up for that fact (i.e. something in the center).

The flavor isn’t terrible, but when it comes down to it the product is advertised to be like a cup of coffee (which is an overstatement) and its little “burst” of energy simply doesn’t do anything for me.

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