Outburst Energy Bites (7/10)

Following a series of various “energy” based product reviews, it appears that many of my readers have fulfilled their caffeine fix for now. While I plan to move on to new areas of product reviews, per all of your requests, I couldn’t move on in good conscience before sharing a great new product I’ve been introduced to.

chocolate caffeine

The only way to describe the package that these chocolate energy bites come in, is exactly what it needs to be. In a rapidly growing market, the visuals on the box are good enough to be attention grabbers allowing it to stand out, without becoming overwhelming. The text on the back explains everything you need to know about the product, in its Chocolate Peanut, Chocolate Mint and plain Chocolate variations

  • 4 Bites = One cup of coffee
  • 8 Bites = Two cups of coffee
  • 12 Bites = Three cups of coffee
  • 12 Bites per box, each less than 12 calories

As far as the actual product itself is concerned, it too does exactly what it needs to. When comparing the advertised chocolate to the coffee it’s supposed to equal, the results were as accurate as I could have hoped.

The only real complaints toward the product are that, being chocolate, it isn’t difficult to consume more than you should without realizing. And without letting the review drag on for too long, I have to mention their newest addition to their product line, QuickShot Energy Bites “a convenient chewable mocha mint flavored low-calorie tablet with a caffeine boost that equals one standard energy shot.”

All in all, a great product and brand with the only flaws being the ones that (me) the consumer can accidentally cause through over-consumption.

Their website can be found here as well as their Facebook and Twitter account.

Also check out their Amazon store and use coupon code “OEBBLOG5” to get two Sampler Sets for the price of one (place two sets in cart before applying the coupon)


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