Gamer grub Review (6/10)

It seems kind of ironic that in the shadow of an incident that caused a boy to collapse after playing Xbox for 4 days straight I’m reviewing a product made for it. On the other hand, if he were eating this stuff, maybe it could have been avoided.


The packaging for “Gamer grub” it pretty cool, as it should be since it’s the entire purpose of the snack. As far as the hands free tilt and snack idea goes, it works pretty well. No crumbs, no greasy fingers, and the slim design works how it’s supposed to and nothing more than that.

This product doesn’t deserve as low of a rating as I’m giving it, because it tastes pretty good, and is functional, however the idea has already been done. With trail mix being an obvious competitor all I see is a product replacing what is already a giant in the industry.

Even ignoring that, the nutrients it provides aren’t nearly as good as they theoretically could be for a snack designed as semi meal replaces. Personally, I don’t see “Gamer grub” as a bad product, as much as a product that isn’t very useful.

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