Flip Flasks and “Flask Pom-Poms” (6/10)

I’m not sure what it is about breaking rules that’s so enticing to most people. Aside from the obvious reward, there must be some evolutionary reason we’re so tempted to do what others say we’re not allowed to. And that seems to be the basis of this product.


When it comes to looks, there’s nothing bad to say about these, yet at the same time nothing in particular stands out. I think all I could say is that they’re nicer than an ordinary pair of sandals, and kind of remind me (if you can still remember) birkinstocks.

It was the functionality that seemed a little off-putting. To me the concept was great, but I was a bit skeptical on how somebody could successfully bring the idea to fruition. Unfortunately I just don’t think the sandals hold as much as they could. The Pom-Poms on the other hand seemed great. They hold a lot more and are discreet as well.

All in all it comes down to my opinion and while I’m sure it seems great to most people, it just didn’t do it for me.

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