Motorized Head Massager (3/10)

If there’s one thing I love more than work it’s relaxing. Well actually I like almost anything more than work, but relaxation definitely tops the list (behind eating of course). I always find myself window shopping everything in Brookstone, but this time I finally broke down and decided to buy a “massager.”

relaxationI love the way this thing looks, unfortunately it only looks cool in what I would call a post-modern environment. All in all, it does just look like a giant alien gripped itself onto your head and started shaking. So while it looks “cool” I don’t realistically see it fitting into many environments naturally.


When I started using the product I realized what was wrong, not only with it specifically, but with all of the things in those stores. The product feels amazing, helps you relax, and is pretty convenient, everything is great until you get sick of it. The problem is it doesn’t take much time to get sick of and, like many products of its type, is more likely to wind up in the bottom of a dusty closet once you lose interest.


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