iBottleopener (4/10)

People often say bargains are nothing more than things you don’t need at prices you can’t resist. So to keep on track with these unnecessary purchases, I think this next product fits in perfectly as yet another item whose existence is simply perplexing.

bottle openerWith this item it becomes less about how it looks in itself, and has a bigger impact on how it makes you look. If an Otterbox case says you like to play it safe, and a Mophie case says you’re always busy, then I guess this one just says you love to party.


It seems pretty cool at first, and definitely helps out those few times they initially come in handy, however the case isn’t exactly made to last. It takes a month or so before it begins to slip off your phone, and at that point I’m not so sure how many people still want it anyway.


It comes down to being more of a “gag gift” than anything else, and a poorly made one at that, so this one was a no brainer for its score (4/10). You can find more about their products at their website.



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