iHome Rechargeable Mini Speaker (8/10)

The way we listen to music has completely evolved. That is a blatant understatement, because I don’t know about you but from speakers to headphones (only mentioning sound) it seems like there are as many options as there are songs. I know that to me portability is more important than volume and bass, but regardless of the size I just want something that works in a world of a million options.

mini speaker

I think in terms of looks this one definitely speaks for itself. With the pop-up design it’s extremely convenient on the go, and when in use it gives off a nice “vibe” so to speak. It adds a nice look to most settings, but definitely doesn’t overdo it with color or any other features.


In terms of functionality, I have absolutely no complaints. For its size it has tremendous sound, and quality to boot. The only problem, which I don’t consider a problem because it’s to be expected, is at its loudest volume some factors of the music become out of proportion.


All in all this one gets an (8/10) and is goes up there as one of my personal favorites.

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