Duck Tape Review (7/10)

Yes, you read it right, it says Duck Tape for a reason, but before I can get into why I think it’s only right to give you some background on what type of product it is first. This type of adhesive tape, or as I like to call it “miracle in a roll” has always seemed like a sister product to what I like to call “miracle in a can,” WD-40. But before I digress too much, I still want to make my point perfectly clear and that this tape seems to be able to do anything. And why we haven’t begun to build houses entirely out of it, well that’s beyond me.

duct tape

So what can you do with a product that already does everything you need it to? Look around and I’m sure you won’t have any trouble finding shoes, shirts, hats, or any other products somebody added their own touch to. So it comes as no surprise that somebody would find a way to make this great invention even greater.


I know, personally, that when I came across it that old thought came rushing back to me as it so often does with “why didn’t I think of that?” Because It’s so simple, yet it’s so great, even with simple minor enhancements.


My only issue with this product is that it’s taking something that originally got its name for being rugged and ultimately a tool for fixing things around the house, so I don’t know how many people are going to want to tape something up with a leopard print. I don’t see this tape replacing its competitor that’s so dominant, but it is definitely something to consider having around the house.


For all of that I give it a reluctant (7/10). It’s great tape, but I see it being used for decorative purposes more than anything else (you can find their website at

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