Insanity Workout Program Review (5/10)*

All it takes is 5 minutes a day, try this new magic weight loss pill, get in great shape without having to do anything! It’s been the same promise forever, and theres always a brand new solution, yet it never seems to work. Heres a program that will really help you get into shape, and after a post on the best and worst fast food milkshakes I couldn’t think of a better time to write about this one.

Shaun T

You finally get your workout program, but there’s some initial confusion. No box, no plastic CD holder, but a book? Once I was able to get past the fact that this was a workout program and not an encyclopedia, the packaging made perfect sense to me. With the monthly planner having the book with the DVD’s became a symbol for me with every turn of the “page” being a new chapter.


The workouts might be the same every week, but I can guarantee you won’t be. I started to see results within the first weeks of use in terms of endurance, and the way my clothes fit. My main advice would be to stay with it even if the results aren’t as tangible as you expected, because while they might not kick in immediately, when the pounds start to drop you’ll notice for sure.


The one problem I have with these workout tapes may be the same with most other tapes, but it still bothers me nonetheless. It works with you to get in better shape, but you have to learn your problem areas and work on those areas just as much. The abdominal portion for example, just wasn’t cutting it for me so I had to put time aside before each exercise every other day to fit my own ab regimen in. Another thing is the meal plan, because it always holds true when I say it had to be a lifestyle change not a diet.


*I love the tape, and like said, it might just be the hardest workout ever recorded. For me I would give it an 8/10, but remaining unbiased I can’t do better than a 5/10 for my readers because I know how I feel usually doesn’t hold true for everybody else in this case.

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