Product of the week Stash/Trash

While it may be unconventional, and quite different from what my readers are used to, I figured why not add something a little different into the mix. I write, for the most part, about things people send me and usually not about products I just happen to come across. While this introduces some cool new things, it isn’t necessarily ideal for everyday life, thus the Stash/Trash section. And for those who can appreciate a good throwback, heres some vital information for your everyday life.

strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, blueberry

And while I have another chance to throw a random pop-culture reference into it, lets hope my milkshake bring all the readers to my blog. And if that wasn’t hint enough, yes, this weeks Stash/Trash is in fact about milk shakes.


“One cookie, one hundred years.” With an accolade like that, this one definitely grabbed my attention. While they aren’t necessarily changing anything about the classic blizzard itself, if I have a chance to call it a special occasion and reason to indulge I’m in! Unfortunately, I still don’t think they found the right balance on this one, and for two things that should go perfectly together, I still find there to be conflicting flavors. So ultimately, I’m going to say Trash this one.


While I may have been a little harsh on Dairy Queen, one rule I try to live by is if it’s not broken don’t fix it. And I think McDonalds might have this one down to perfection. When it comes to a vanilla milkshake it’s so simple, but theres so much that can be done wrong. Yet with a balance of flavors that they seem to have down pat, I don’t think I’ll be turning this one down anytime soon (that is unless I have a doctor appointment coming up). Simple and sweet, I’m definitely going to Stash this one.


Where I’m from, it seemed like 3 Sonic commercials per T.V. show with the closest drive-in being 2 hours away was a little much. It seemed to work though, because with their first official Long Island opening it was a 3 hour wait for days (and yes, I’m still talking about “Americas favorite drive-in”). When it came to Sonic, it wasn’t easy to pick a specific shake, and with their selection it wasn’t easy to pick a shake in general. With more flavors than I could imagine, and new ones coming out as quick as they do, I can’t find anybody who hasn’t found something they like. That alone is enough to STASH this one for sure.


While it wasn’t on purpose, it seemed like the picks went in order today from worst to best. To sum it up,

Dairy Queen– STASH (although I will keep checking in for their next move).

McDonalds– STASH (don’t change what you’ve done right).

Sonic– STASH (like they say about the weather in Colorado, if you don’t like your shake wait 5 minutes, theres always something new).

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