Go Fast! Energy Gum Review (7/10)

The economy has been up and down lately, and with it has come an instability that makes it difficult to establish new products. There are, however, still some “staple” markets that allow continued room for growth. So with drinks, shots, sucking candy, and anything else you can imagine, Go Fast! Energy Gum didn’t come as a huge surprise to me.


The first thing you notice with this gum is definitely its packaging. The colors grab your attention, while staying somewhat neutral, and not getting too crazy with intense pinks or light blues. It can be purchased with the energy locker, having basically the same design as the normal pack itself.

The gum, like many other energy products (in my opinion at least), doesn’t taste great. It starts off with a strong fruity smell, which it maintains in its first bite. Following that, is one of the most bitter things I’ve tasted in a while, which quickly slums down into a weaker, yet still bitter taste.

As far as how it works, it can be best described in terms of how the taste progresses. It starts off with that quick burst of energy, followed by continued small releases of energy. This is what I think sets it apart, because it comes in a case of 5, each piece being equivalent to an energy shot, and the whole pack being equal to a drink. So not only can you decide how much caffeine you need in terms of that, you can decide how long to chew, truly micromanaging your energy intake.

All in all, the gum allows you to choose how much energy you need, more than most products of its kind, and at 5 calories a piece it doesn’t put a strain on your diet at all. There are a few cons, but most of which are simple “kinks,” that need to be worked out. It definitely deserves a strong 7/10.

You can find the website at http://www.gofastsports.com/energygum/index.html

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