Zoku Quick Pop Maker Review (5/10)

New, revolutionary, brilliant, breakthrough, useless, or just unnecessary. This is what I had to keep asking myself when reviewing this gift from Zoku, as I couldn’t figure out (or decide) which seemed most appropriate. In the end, I think I finished with the same problem I began with, I couldn’t quite understand hoe (un)necessary it really was.

ice pops

For looks, it seems like they just tried too hard. In my eyes, it seems that they compromised functionality for looks, and they didn’t even do that well with the looks. It’s pretty plain, with the logo in square boxes (as you can see above) it just isn’t anything special to me, even with them trying to make it so.

In terms of functionality, my first problem was deciding whether it was worth the process. When I used to do something similar, I would simply pour the juice into the container and wait a day or so until they were ready. The idea with Zoku, is that they freeze the container itself, and when you’re ready for the pops you pour the juice in and it only takes a few minutes.

An idea,  convenient  in thought, turned out to be a lot more difficult to use then it would seem. Many rules, restrictions on what kind of juices you can use (in terms of sugar-free options) and it’s an entire process to make two ice pops. However, since it only takes 7-8 or so minutes, I couldn’t give it anything lower than a 5/10, but on the other hand it was hard for me to imagine giving it anything more.

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One thought on “Zoku Quick Pop Maker Review (5/10)

  1. Donna George

    Yeah, not gonna be buying this!!

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