SodaStream Review (8/10)

With an idea very similar to the one I just published a story about, Zoku, the idea behind the SodaStream is that it makes plain, or flavored carbonated beverages in seconds. I wasn’t very fond of the quick pop maker, however, the SodaStream faired much better.



As far as looks go, as you can tell from the picture, it has a futuristic vibe, one that would fit perfectly into the much more common modern kitchen. In terms of your normal “old-fashioned” kitchen, this product may look out-of-place to say the least. The only flaw I see with its looks, is the white straw like part that dispenses the CO2 and as far as I know there isn’t a way to avoid keeping it there.


With functionality in this product, there really isn’t much to say, which for a change is a good thing. I (personally) am a huge fan of the carbonated water it makes, and a little less of a fan of the flavors you can add to it. If you’re looking for a soda substitute I still don’t know if you’ve found you’re solution as I haven’t yet found the perfect balance of flavor. But if you’re looking for seltzer, look no further.


Originally I imagined it to be a pain having to use the SodaStream every time you wanted to make a drink, but with the ability to make it in seconds, I may even dare to say it’s fun to use. And it’s definitely a money-saver,



If you can tell me, using their website, what the last listed diet soda flavor is, you will win a special prize from the company (a $99.95 value)

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One thought on “SodaStream Review (8/10)

  1. Donna George

    Diet Pink grapefruit! I wonder if anyone else has seen this?? I just found your blog for reviews and have been reading them.

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