International Truffles Review (7.5/10)

Today I received a gift from Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate ( ) which I think goes great with my blog Review, Review, Review! But aside from repeating things until they’re drilled into your head, these treats fared pretty well


First thing first, like always, appearance. I must say, the picture above does not do the product justice. While it may seem plain in picture, it is simple yet decadent in person. When opened, you get the full gourmet chocolate experience, each one wrapped in its own decorative crinkled brown paper. However, this is standard, so in my opinion it doesn’t gain it any extra points.

The second feature, taste, simply blew me away. The dark chocolate surrounding, with decorative features, compliments the inside filling go the chocolate itself.

However, a third feature I would like to focus on is the caloric information. For its taste, a delicious treat, and only 70 calories its perfect for rewarding yourself while staying on a diet.

In my book, these chocolates pass all the tests and deserve the 7.5 out of 10, and may even lean towards an 8.



You may now be eligible to win a prize if you simply like the companies Facebook page (at!/chocolatestl )


Just like the page and send me an email for a chance to win!

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