Pressure Positive (Backnobber II) Review (6/10)

Achy back, sore neck, bad knees, the list goes on and on as well as the list of companies that promise a solution for this. Today I have the opportunity to work with Pressure Positive, and more specifically the gift of the Backnobber they sent me.



With what can simply be called an “S” design, it isn’t hard to reach that knot in your back, as it isn’t hard to reach anything. It provides not only the rounded end needed to work out “knots” in your system, but the leverage to be able to need them.


I’m not saying this product is going to replace your need for a chiropractor, if your already seeing one of course, but it can help ease the pain in-between visits (or ease the pain completely if you don’t have any scheduled visits.


In my eyes the product is great, end of story, so the only reason I was forced (rather than chose) to give it a 6/10 was due to the competitive nature of the industry its in and what its competing against. Seeing as it is the second, it has improved, but there are small areas it can improve more (such as the size of it, being larger I mean)


Now to the fun part, the giveaway. If you email me with the following answers (that can be found on their website) you will win the corresponding prize

How did the original Backnobber come into existence?           Prize- The original Backnobber

What is the name for the organization for trigger point therapists?           Prize- Jacknobber II

where to find  the largest bibliography of sources and resources related to musculoskeletal pain available?           Prize- Nobble II


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