Johnson’s Popcorn Review (5.5/10)

In today’s world, there isn’t much you can’t find on the internet. From clothes, to furniture, to spouses, logging onto your computer is quite literally having the world at your fingertips. So it shouldn’t surprise anybody, when a more common item can be found on the internet in abundance. Today I received one of these items as a gift, and now have the pleasure of reviewing it.

Popcorn can be looked at, much like Bubba looks at shrimp in Forest Gump. There are countless ways to make it, and numerous types of it to add onto that. The first thing I had to look at when receiving the product, seemed like the most obvious, yet it’s a problem many Americans face everyday; leftover kernels. And I was happy to say, it wasn’t a problem with Johnson’s popcorn.

In terms of look, the bucket isn’t the prettiest thing in the world, but you can change the style for a little extra. While, on the other hand I can see why many like the bucket the way it is, simplistic and old-fashioned, not enough things still like that today. So if it passed my first two basic tests, you may be wondering why did it only get a 5.5/10

When it comes down to it, this popcorn is good. Plain and simple. But the problem I had with it, was there was something about every flavor that could have been better. And by better, I’m generally talking about the “intensity of the taste.” Out of the four flavors I was sent, the Peanut Butter Crunch could have had a heavier peanut taste. The Cheddar Cheese flavor didn’t taste like much, aside from the small hint of a cheesy flavor. The chocolate drizzle was okay (much better frozen), and the caramel was a little weak.

I hate to give a semi-low review to a product I actually liked, but in my opinion there was much more they could be doing that they just aren’t. And for me, that’s minus enough points to bring this one down to 5.5/10.

Chocolate drizzle 4/10

Peanut crunch 5/10

Caramel- 7/10

Cheddar cheese 3/10

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