Schweddy Balls Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream- 6/10

Without double entendres, we would lose most jokes, Shakespeare may not have been as recognized, and Two And a Half Men would never be allowed to stay on the air. But thankfully they do exist, and are the header of todays review.

With social media, and todays marketing, when something is (or in this case was) an idea that needed to be further recognized due to its “awesomeness” it thankfully is. In this classic example, you have part of a T.V. show (SNL to be specific) expanding one of its most famous skits into the food market.

In terms of what the product is actually like, it is good, but at a price. With a whopping 26 grams of sugar, it seems Ben & Jerry’s went a little too far to sweeten up this treat. The rum flavor smells way stronger then it tastes, and the malt balls make way too much noise when being eaten. And trust me when I tell you, the “ball” jokes get old quick

With all of that being said, I surprised even even myself, when giving it a 6/10. With all of the cons outweighing the pros, this one still snuck its way into my heart as a worthy addition to the Ben & Jerry’s line.

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