Axe Kilo Review (5/10)

Since I’ve started the blog, I have gotten numerous emails either asking questions about, or asking me to review “the common fragrance.” By common fragrance I’m referring to axe, old spice, etc. rather than the more expensive branded cologne. So today, I decided to start with my personal favorite axe smell; Kilo

My first issue, with any products such as this, is the age factor. It’s great to have a quick spray and continue on with your day, but it’s hard not to feel like a 15 year old boy when doing so. Thats the first advantage with axe Kilo, in that it smells like a cologne rather than the quick spray of “something” that you get with most of the rest.

With the idea of keeping your manliness intact out of the way, and it comes down to it, to be honest I think Axe Kilo truly does go the distance. However, with a quickly fading smell, along with numerous other pros and cons, i’m split. And due to all of this I couldn’t think of anything else to rate this other than a 5/10

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