Spotify Review (3/10)

The market for downloading music illegally has grown larger than the one for downloading it legally, and personally I find that no surprise. If you’re an iTunes user like most, 99 cents for a song was bad enough (especially if your taste in music ranges as far as mine does) but now that it’s a dollar twenty-three it just seems unreasonable. Think there’s no alternative? So did I, until I found this gem.

You found a great website, but it plays an advertisement every other song, or make you pay to listen for an extended period of time. You found a great place to download music, but it only features artists you’ve never heard of. The list of these possible frustrations goes on and on, but is it possibly that Spotify is a cure to all of this music anxiety?

While it sounds great in theory, and to be honest works great in reality, there is one major problem that concerns me. Rhapsody was great, until it ran into legal issues and was stopped. Did you download illegally? Well then you probably used Limwire which was also forced to stop. I fear the same might happen to Spotify, and if your music was all downloaded there your up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

I think Spotify is incredibly easy to use, as well as having aspects relating to social media, and great mobile apps. For all those reasons it would definitely deserve somewhere near an 8/10. However, due to the talk about it being shut down already starting, I believe the same fate as Limewire and rhapsody will inevitably come. And for that reason it deserves a 3/10

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