It’s Kind of a Funny Story Movie Review (3.5/10)

For all of my long time readers, you may remember one of my first posts on the book It’s Kind of a Funny Story and giving it a terrific rating. I recently found out that there had been a movie made (I guess I need to get out more after missing that one) and it was to my excitement when I found out, and my dismay when I finally got around to watching it.

It’s extremely rare for a book to be transitioned into a movie and become an instant success, or a success at all for that matter. I found this film to be part of the rule rather then an exception. It almost seemed to me that the producers sat down, without Ned Vizinni (the author) and said “lets take out all of the important parts of the movie, and dwell on scenes that don’t matter.”

Aside from the lack of importance placed on certain parts of the movie rather then others, I felt that adding in Zach Galifinakis was a lame attempt at trying to make this movie seem like a hollywood hit and he did not pull his weight in the role he was in.

The only way somebody could possible enjoy this movie, would be it their life was relatable to it, in which case they would probably love it for its message, rather then the comedy it was made out to be. I simply think there wasn’t much done right for the book when it made its transition, and for that reason I think it deserves an obvious 3.5/10

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