(Wired) SleepPhones Review (7.5/10)

As my readers know, I recently did a BedPhones review, and was not a huge fan of them. Well, after seeing my unhappy review, another company in the exact same field contacted me asking me to review their product. And after reviewing them, I have realized while they are good, I think it is hard for any company to flourish with an invention such as this.

Lets be honest, when you’re looking for something to help you fall asleep, looks aren’t always the most important. I think if anybody is willing to wear those giant sleep apnea masks, SleepPhones should be no problem. And in the end they really aren’t that”unstylish”, it’s just the idea of wearing a headband to sleep coming off as weird that turns me off.

The next most important thing, in my opinion at least, is sound quality. When putting these on I definitely wasn’t expecting the same sound I would get from a pair of beats by dre. but I was expecting a mostly good sound. It wasn’t until I put them on in the right way that I got the maximum sound experience, which is a good result from little hassle

All in all, if you had to choose I would definitely tell you SleepPhones is the way to go, but with the sound quality I had to give them a 7.5/10.

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