Kanon Organic Vodka Review (7.5/10)

In today’s world, there are very few things that don’t come in the option as organic, so it was little surprise to me when I was approached by Gripsholm distillery to review and organic Vodka.

Before I could review the product, I had to learn what it was actually about. The idea about Kanon Organic vodka is that it is created in a sustainable way, and is made using only organic incidence. Besides that, there is also the idea behind the historical meaning of the vodka, but why tell you when the creators can? http://www.kanonvodka.com/blog

In terms of looks, its a pretty plain bottle, but there are two points about it that I really love. For one, the black label with the blue stripe really catches my attention. Second of all, I love the symbol on top that almost looks like a medieval shield.

One of the only real drawbacks of this product is the price. Unless you are all organic, and are the type of person that shops constantly at a place like Trader Joe’s, it would be really hard to convince you this vodka is worth it over Absolut.

As far as taste goes, there isn’t much specific to say rather then it is very strong. And if you are looking for a real taste, that stays with you, and is hard to get out of your mouth (in a good way) this is for you. If your looking for a quick shot of something just for the effect, keep looking.

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